Sampiyon Kokoreç

Have you ever seen a unicorn in the wild? Neither have we - but we did find a strong player for kebap and kokoreç in the West which is damn near as rare. Sampiyon is a (newly opened) location of an established kokoreç chain in Turkey, the first for the company in Germany. Their kebap is 100% beef seasoned with lamb fat and they are claiming to serve kokoreç, slowly roasting and turning against the back wall. Additionally, they're dishing up variations on tantuni - one of only a handful of shops in Berlin to do so - all offered in similar preparations as the kebap and kokoreç (plated, in flatbread, or in a mega-squishy-crunchy "baguette"). Tantuni, for the uninitiated, is julienned beef that has been braised then flashed on a flattop to order in its own juices - the closest reference is a saucier Tex-Mex burrito.

The kokoreç in bread (im Brot) is the strongest move here, hold the sauce, of course, and be sure to crunch down on some of the particularly snappy green peppers. We like to alternate bites of each, fatty spicy crunch and acidic snap!


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Sampiyon Kokoreç