About BFS

Looking for the best restaurants in Berlin and the latest on the city’s food culture? Then we’d like to welcome you to Berlin Food Stories, Berlin’s most trusted source on Where to Eat since 2012. Led by Founder Per Meurling, known as “the Hungriest Man in Berlin”, BFS traces its roots back to 2012 when it was Meurling's personal restaurant blog. Since then, Berlin Food Stories has evolved into a social media platform, a premium subscription & club, and, most recently, relaunched this very website with a brand new look and feel.

Over the past decade, Berlin's culinary landscape has transformed from near-irrelevance to one of Europe's hottest and most rapidly-evolving food destinations.
- Per Meurling

Berlin Food Stories, affectionately known as BFS by locals, is not your typical dining guide; it's an independent publication on a mission to help you navigate the labyrinth of Berlin's vibrant food scene. Blending the best and most useful elements of traditional food writing, immersive online magazines, and digital guidebooks, we go further and deeper than anyone else to unearth and highlight the absolute finest restaurants, eats, and sips in the city.

This website, lead by BFS’s new General Manager and Editor in Chief, Nathan Gilmour, features a hand-picked restaurant database that functions in synergy with our Instagram, social channels, and the Berlin Food Digest newsletter to offer an unparalleled source of reliable and engaging information about where to eat and drink in the German capital. We provide a refreshing alternative to traditional review platforms, print outlets, or restaurant guides by delivering knowledgeable, deeply researched and un-influenced Reviews, Top Lists, and Editorials.

Our Principles

At Berlin Food Stories, we hold ourselves to a unique set of principles that we feel set us apart from the competition and traditional outlets;

1. We never accept (nor expect) fully comped meals or find much value in staged PR dinner events from restaurants. We pay our own bills to maintain our independence and objectivity.

2. Restaurants are not permitted to buy reviews, placements, or advertising on any of our BFS channels.

3. Instead of relying on restaurant PR, we gather recommendations from the true experts, namely our engaged and fantastic community - our BFS Fanatics.

4. We celebrate exceptional dining experiences, whether it’s an exquisitely crafted meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant or a perfect bite of a sandwich on the street), and do our best to refrain from negative takedowns - we don’t see much value in piling on. You should treat every single restaurant featured on this website as a recommendation from us.

These principles are made possible in our unique model by the support of our amazing premium members and our quality non-restaurant advertising partners. If you’re interested in joining our premium community or you’d like to advertise with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

The City

Over the past decade, Berlin's culinary landscape has transformed from near-irrelevance to one of Europe's hottest and most rapidly-evolving food destinations. While Berlin may not boast a fine dining scene as internationally acclaimed, on paper, as Copenhagen or Paris, its true allure lies in the diversity and quality of its food offerings. From so-called humble street food to high-end gastronomy (we’re ready to challenge your preconceptions of both, by the way), the city is able to cater to every craving, desire, and need, most any time of day - Berlin, for us, is a genuine confluence of global flavors and foodways. The only city we consider on the European continent to rival Berlin’s excitement and buzz, and also coincidentally bisected by a culture-defining river, is the exquisite London - in the spirit of camaraderie, we’re always happy to engage in some convivial competition for the top spot.

The Ultimate Companion

Berlin is the place to be right now in Europe - not in the least due to the constant influx of immigrants from around the world who are enriching both the culinary offerings and, in particular, the demand for exceptional food and drink by the minute. Districts such as Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Schöneberg and Charlottenburg are now rich with extraordinary restaurants ready to fulfill your wildest culinary dreams.

So, if you're a dedicated food enthusiast seeking independent, trustworthy recommendations, Berlin Food Stories is your ultimate companion for your next food adventure. Immerse yourself in our stories and join us on a culinary journey that will show you how to eat like a local. If you’re a true foodie, join our thriving Community for exclusive benefits and discover Berlin's gastronomic treasures, together! 

Per Meurling, Founder

Nathan Colello Gilmour, Editor-in-Chief & GM

& the BFS Team