Bülent Börekçilik

Satisfy your cravings for authentic Turkish flavors at Bülent Börekçilik, a renowned bakery in Berlin. Immerse yourself in the inviting atmosphere as you indulge in a delectable selection of Turkish pastries and baked goods. From savory börek filled with a variety of delicious fillings to sweet treats like baklava and künefe, Bülent Börekçilik captures the essence of Turkish culinary tradition with its commitment to quality ingredients and traditional recipes. With its warm hospitality and a focus on delivering a delightful bakery experience, Bülent Börekçilik is a must-visit destination if you consider yourself a pastry enthusiast!

If you really want to get the cheese-pull shot for the 'gram, do it while it's still piping hot.



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  • Su Boregi


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Bülent Börekçilik